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The Elegant One

This is one of our seasonal curated subscription coffees. We will regularly change what coffee you will receive but always try and fit it into a similar flavour profile so you can sit back, relax and just enjoy a the coffee when it comes.

This coffee is for those who enjoy the finer things in life, This coffee is refined and sophisticated. Favouring lighter roasts these coffees will often give soft and delicate brews.

Do you drink your coffee in the morning with attention to detail, weighing your beans and using your high end custom hand grinder, make V60 drip coffee in a beautiful Kinto decanter to then sip from your handle-less ceramic mug that was a gift from a friend on the holiday to Oslo while you kick back to read Scott Rao's latest mussing on fines migration and see what James Hoffman posted this week... Well this ones for you.

The Elegant One is currently...

Roaster – BREWED

Farm – La Candelilla

Process – Honey

Varietal – Typica

Origin – Costa Rica

Tasting Notes – Pear, baked apple, honey and jam