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The Roasted One

This is one of our seasonal curated subscription coffees. We will regularly change what coffee you will receive but always try and fit it into a similar flavour profile so you can sit back, relax and just enjoy a the coffee when it comes.

This coffee is for those who enjoy a coffee that tastes like coffee. Who knows coffee tastes good and doesn't need a hipster with a beard to tell them what they like. This will always be a slightly darker roast than you get in trendy cafes and will give you a classic nutty and caramelly delight.

Imagine yourself on holiday in France in 1998 drinking a cafetiere in the morning as the sun rises and your partner comes back from the boulangerie with a fresh pain au chocolat for breakfast and a baguette to make lunch later.

The Roasted One is currently...

Roaster : Coffee at 33

Farm : Tarrazu Naga Chile

Origin : Costa Rica

Varietal : Caturra

Process : Washed

Notes : Caramel, Citrus, Raisin